Modell: SPRINT

The powerful cart for the sprint to the golf course on public roads!

The top speed is up to 45 km / h with a range of up to 80 km.



An ingenious driving experience: specially developed and equipped for road traffic!

The cart has been specially developed and equipped for public road traffic. An EEC approval enables operation according to the StVO in Germany and in the European Union.

Electrically driven cart with an electric drive power of 4KW and a power supply of 48 volts. The vehicle is braked with hydraulic brakes. The top speed is up to 45 km / h with a range of up to 80 km.

General Information


2 to 4


4 KW DC / 48V


6 x 8V VRLA-Batteries
RangePlus: 8 x 6V VRLA


up to 80 km with Range+ 

B E S T P R I C E !

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Model prices

Model name,
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    (2 seater + best standard)

    € 9.650,-

    plus statutory VAT, including 'first pit grant' before vehicles are delivered


    (2 seater S: + other equipment)

    € 9.950,-

    plus statutory VAT, including 'first pit grant' before vehicles are delivered

Equipment specific to the model


Cart with 8 inch aluminum rims, 120 mm ground clearance, lighting package plus, signal horn, side and rear view mirror, 3 - point seat belt, hydraulic brakes, on-board computer, DrainRoof +


Cart with accessories: SL equipment + double USB charging port, painted DrainRoof + roof, special underbody protection, rear golf bag holder or charging box selectable.

SPRINT: SPRINT: premium properties

Please click on the following headings:
Best standard on the market because ...
  • The most powerful driven e-carts on the market with up to 5KW drive power
  • Regenerative braking power - Recovery with hill descent aid
  • Immobilizer with key-on system
  • Self-regulating double-synchronized gear and steering linkage
  • Adjustable camber for precise straight running and precise steering properties
  • Single wheel A-arm suspension with adjustable shock absorbers
  • Best in class ground clearance from 120 mm to 320 mm in the Terra models
  • Delta-Q on-board charger with Europe-wide range of services
  • Maintenance-free VRLA batteries for constant and reliable drive
  • Effective and economical ranges up to 100 km
  • Innovative DrainRoof roof system with integrated drainage of precipitation
  • Ergonomic padded seats
  • Special underbody protection
  • Large rear tub for flexible installation of the extensive accessories
  • MultiUse cockpit with cup holder, golf ball and tee - storage compartment
  • Innovative vehicle design for flexible demands and uniform spare parts
  • 1st service included
  • CE certificate and manufactured according to (ISO) international standards
The highlights of the SPRINT models are ...
  • Lighting package plus
  • StVO approval possible, EEC approval
  • up to 45 km / h fast
  • 10 inch aluminum rims with profiled road tires
  • Fixed windshield made of safety glass with interval wipers
  • Painted DrainRoof + roof with 3rd brake light
  • 3-point seat belts
  • Side and rear view mirror, bugle
  • hydraulic disc brakes
  • Regenerative braking force recovery with hill descent aid
  • Special underbody protection
  • Immobilizer with key-on system
Application areas

Golf clubs, golf academies, amusement and adventure parks, public bodies and institutions, parks, private-sector facilities and operating areas, industrial locations, resorts and holiday villages, campsites, indoor halls, trade fairs and exhibition facilities, airports, maritime facilities, shipyards, Sports - stadiums and areas, concert halls and areas, private islands and emission-free / car-free traffic areas and locations, especially for the public road!

Further Information

  • Driver cabin weather protection
  • XL dust cover
  • 2 x Golf Cartbag XL holder
  • Trailer hitch
  • 10 inch aluminum rims
  • 2-way USB charging port
  • Sand bottles L and XL
  • Golf ball cleaner
  • Cooling box
  • sun visor
  • Range Plus: More range thanks to 8 x 6 volt AGM batteries

Notes on battery disposal

In connection with the sale of batteries or the delivery of devices that contain batteries, we are obliged to draw your attention to the following:

You are legally obliged to return used batteries as end users. You can return used batteries, which we have or have had as new batteries in our range, free of charge to our sales outlets.

The symbols on the batteries have the following meanings:

  • The symbol of the crossed out garbage can means that the battery must not be disposed of in the household waste.
  • Pb = battery contains more than 0.004% lead by mass
  • Cd = battery contains more than 0.002 mass percent cadmium
  • Hg = battery contains more than 0.0005 mass percent mercury.

Please note the above instructions!

Please take all further detailed technical data from the data sheet attached here in the download (see button below).

GREEN MOBILITY! We drive you further.

First-class quality

Made with branded components according to international ISO standards.


Only high quality materials for durability and light weight.


A new cart feeling with the best driving characteristics thanks to innovative technology.


A new dimension of safety in the cart, through self-regulating braking and steering systems.

Best Price

Attractive entry prices for all model series with no loss of quality.


Reliable procurement of brand components and service worldwide.


We have insider Know-How and expertise for detailed and professional advice in all areas of E-mobility.

24/7 Support

Perfect local service through our service network. Always available online!

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